Q: I agree with you. If you're going to role play parents then there should be some type of line not to cross. AND you are FAR from basic. You sessy that's why I tried to holla at you when you were in my room LOLOL. I'm not getting into anything that doesn't involve me but I do agree with you girl!

See, someone with some common sense lmao. Like they mad for what? Cause they look like nasty parents? Not my fault. There’s ways to establish what you want to be said in a picture without ACTUALLY DOING IT. They say “oh, it’s just imvu” so.. is that why you spend all your life on it? But it’s just imvu. And ty for the compliment, you are too :* & oml lol. But I said what I had to say, they both gone be and stay mad. Ain’t nobody worried about they retarded asses. And she got some nerve calling me names when she’s known for being a smut on imvu. Same person “ppl” in her words that called me crazy, is the same nigga who she’d bend over for if he said to. So she can suck a shitty asshole for all I care :) -blinks while smiling

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xxisolatedxx calling me basic LMAO. I’m sorry that you have me mistaken for that thing you call a wife or w.e don’t even try it lil’ fucc boi. You are about as basic as they come. You mad cause of what? I asked a reasonable question? I can reblog whatever the fuck I want. Ain’t nobodyyyyyyyy told your nooby looking ass to respond to it. But you did and I guess you thought I wasn’t gone say shit back. I said what I had to say. Have a shitty day :)

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